October 2020 St. Croix General Election Poll

October 2020 St. Croix General Election Poll

Conducted: October 24-26, 2020

Number of Respondents: 250

MoE: ±6.17%

Q: Are you registered to vote in the United States Virgin Islands?

Yes 100%


Q: There will be a general election in the United States Virgin Islands in November. Most folks are very busy, and not always able to vote, often for very valid reasons. Thinking ahead, how likely are you to vote in the general election?

Certain 73%
Likely 17%
50/50 chance 9%
Not sure 1%
Total 100%


Q: If the election for Delegate to the House of Representatives were held today, would you support Democrat Stacey Plaskett or Independent Shekema M. George?

Democrat Stacey Plaskett 74%
Independent Shekema M. George 9%
Undecided 17%
Total 100%


Q: If the election for St. Croix District Legislature were held today, who would your first choice be?

Democrat Kurt Vialet 15.1%
Democrat Genevieve Whitaker 14.7%
Democrat Allison DeGazon 8.4%
Democrat Novelle E. Francis, Jr. 7.7%
Independent Samuel “Sam” Carrion 7.3%
Independent Alicia “Chucky” Hansen 6.7%
Democrat Javan E. James 6.5%
Independent Franklin D. Johnson 5.4%
Independent Michael J. Springer 4.0%
Democrat Kenneth Kenny Gittens 3.3%
Independent Devin Carrington 3.0%
Independent Clint D. W. Ferris 2.6%
Republican John McCoy 2.5%
Democrat Oakland Benta 1.8%
Independent Norman Jn Baptiste 1.3%
Independent JPG Moonark Wakefield 0.3%
Undecided 9.2%


Q: Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Governor Albert Bryan?

Very favorable 17%
Somewhat favorable 30%
Somewhat unfavorable 14%
Very unfavorable 17%
No opinion 22%
Total 100%


Q: Do you agree or disagree with Governor Albert Bryan’s handling of the coronavirus?

Strongly agree 36%
Somewhat agree 31%
Somewhat disagree 17%
Strongly disagree 5%
No opinion 10%
Total 100%


Q: How supportive would you be of the development of a new hotel or casino that would create jobs for residents of the US Virgin Islands?

Very supportive 62%
Somewhat supportive 23%
Somewhat unsupportive 4%
Very unsupportive 3%
No opinion 8%
Total 100%

Q: Do you believe we need more tourism or less tourism in the Virgin Islands?

More tourism 67%
Less tourism 11%
Not sure 22%
Total 100%

Q: How supportive are you of a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy in which the US Virgin Islands government would support the private sector in rebuilding efforts and economic resiliency for the Virgin Islands, including upgrades to key infrastructure such as the Cyril E. King Airport and WAPA?

Very supportive 56%
Somewhat supportive 24%
Somewhat unsupportive 2%
Very unsupportive 4%
No opinion 5%
Unsure, I’d like to learn more 9%
Total 100%




Republican Party 9%
Democratic Party 53%
Independent Citizens Movement 7%
No party or independent 26%
Not sure 5%
Total 100%


Male 48%
Female 52%
Total 100%



18-34 16%
35-49 23%
50-64 32%
65 and over 29%
Can’t say 1%
Total 100%



Email 70%
Landline 7%
Cellphone 22%
Total 100%